Evaluation of Participation - Expo 2017 Astana


The BIE constantly strives to consider and meet the needs of its Member States and to ensure that Member Countries participating in Expos are able to fulfil their goals in the best possible conditions.

To this end, the Extraordinary Session of the General Assembly on 17th March 1997 appointed a Working Group tasked with the elaboration of a set of recommendations on different subjects requested by Member States. Amongst the result of this work, Recommendation N. 12 on “Evaluation and Results of Participation” approved by the 126th General Assembly in December 1999 states that:

“The BIE should set up a list of criteria for the evaluation of participation. This list should be forwarded to all Member States for discussion and could serve as a basis for their evaluations after approval by the General Assembly. The individual evaluations of participation should be made available to the BIE for a better exchange of experience and to improve participation in Exhibitions. The BIE should make a systematic evaluation of these studies and make them available to all Member States.”

The following evaluation therefore emanates from the wishes of the BIE Member States and its objective is to continue to improve participation in future Expos.


The following evaluation has four key objectives:

  1. to assess the quality of the infrastructure, organisation and operations of EXPO 2017 and the extent to which these factors affected participation;
  2. to understand the level of benefits received by the participants in terms of interest from visitors, international engagement, engagement with other participants and interaction with the organisers;
  3. to continue to improve the practices related to services to participants in future Expos.
  4. to help future Expo organisers and prospective Expo bid candidates through the capture of knowledge, learnings and data.


The evaluation is aimed at providing both quantitative and qualitative data.

The BIE will aggregate the results of all evaluations and prepare a report which includes data and analysis based on the Participants’ responses. The report will be made available to all Member States and the documentation will remain at the BIE archives and may be consulted by each Member State and interested individuals upon request.

This evaluation is structured into five sections:

  1. General information about the Participant organisation, the type of participation and the scale of investment;
  2. Evaluation of operation and logistics activities and services;
  3. Evaluation of the events and communication activities of the Participants and the coordination with the Organiser;
  4. Evaluation of the visitors’ experience
  5. Future perspectives


The answers submitted byPparticipants will be kept strictly confidential by the BIE Secretariat.


Each National Section is responsible for completing the questionnaire by the 13th September online.

If any question arises during the preparation of the evaluation, the BIE Secretariat is available to provide any clarification necessary. To this end, please contact


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Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

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